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Welcome Letter from the Director of CMU-R

Dear CMU-R MSIT graduate student,

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University.  Today you are beginning an experience that will influence how you think, what you do, and what you will achieve for the rest of your life.

Because of your past academic and professional achievements, you have been selected to be part of the first full-time Carnegie Mellon University graduate program on the continent of Africa.  We believe you will succeed in the MSIT program, and we look forward to your graduation in 2014 when you will join the global family of Carnegie Mellon University alumni.

I want to warn you that there is a lot of hard work between now and your graduation.  Acquiring knowledge and skills in a Carnegie Mellon Master’s program is not easy.  You will quickly learn that what happens in the classroom is just a small part of the learning and growing experience.   It is truly a full-time job, and then some.  But you will not be alone in this effort.  The entire faculty and staff of CMU-Rwanda are committed to your success, and you will also work closely with your fellow students—we’re all in this together.

But it will also be a lot of fun.  Although we’ll all be working very hard, we want you to enjoy your time as a Carnegie Mellon graduate student.  So work hard, but also take an occasional break to play hard—or to just relax.

I look forward to getting to know you and joining you in the coming adventure.

With all best wishes for your success,

Bruce H. Krogh
Professor and Director, Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda