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(Urban Design Regional Employment Action for Minorities)

UDream increases diversity in the profession of urban design nationally, and in the Pittsburgh region specifically, by offering opportunities for permanent employment in Pittsburgh.

Congrats to the 2015 UDreamers

Alicia Canady, Tamara Cartwright, Andre Clarke, Alexis Hayes, Chase Kea, Kashela Major, Jovanna Nelson, Khari Peart, Melanie Ray and Nikita Williamson.

UDream supports the 42nd Annual NOMA Conference

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UDream 2014 Community Presentation to the Hill District!

On September 16th @ 6PM in the Hill District at Ammon Recreation Center...

Community Presentation

The current UDream class, made up of ten individuals from various educational and social backgrounds, once again land in the Hill District to present their preliminary findings on diverse project scenarios that could strengthen and elevate the Hill District landscape. UDream alum, Lakeisha Byrd, who currently works with the Hill CDC, presented the merits and continued community support of the UDream program; while, current UDream participants, Christian Hughes and Mary Taylor, presented the Project Scope within the Hill District and elaborated on each project team's respective research and analysis:

(i) to optimize  “Stop & Stay” spaces, one must understand the implications of direction and movement, i.e., way-finding.

(ii) a concentration of scalable live-work space within the Hill District begins to define itself!

(iii) explore the possibilities of an artist block of static and dynamic space, where existing context is celebrated and innovative notions are crafted.

(iv) understand the catalyst of culture and community, the character of the Hill District: Before development comes social stability! Nurture the social fabric of the Hill District.

(v) the Hill District’s identifable challenging topography sets a precedence for multi-generational living  – engage the street for a continuum of use!


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Latest News

UDream Wins AIA Diversity Award

How important is racial diversity in the profession? Don lays it out in April's Architect Magazine.

Erica (UDream Director) and Valecia (UDream '11) accepted our award in Washington, DC on March 6, 2015.

Life After You Dream

UDream Alums purchase, rehab, and invest in Regent Square 

After concluding the 2011 UDream program, Alicia Crumbley and Riccardy Volcy both advanced their stay in Pittsburgh with long-term opportunities in the Architecture and Construction field. The primary intent of both Crumbley and Volcy was to capitalize on the latter mission of UDream by staying in Pittsburgh to pursue their careers. Read more.