Degree Attainment-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Graduation is the Goal

Information about the Master's Presentation, the Qualifying Exam, Thesis Proposal, and degree requirements are all available online.  You should schedule an appointment with the Graduate Program Coordinator the semester prior to your intended completion to ensure that you will meet all of the degree requirements. This allows time to adjust for any missing requirements. It is your responsibility to meet all of the requirements, so utilize the internal audit sheet provided to you by the Graduate Coordinator when you enter the program to track your progress.

In addition, a month and a half before graduation (March for May graduation, June for August graduation, and October for December graduation), students must complete a "Request for Graduation" form.  Students who are planning to graduate in May, August, or December should complete this form within the stated deadlines and return the form to Scaife Hall 404.  Students will not be included on the degree rosters unless this form is completed and turned in.

The university recognizes three different graduation dates:  May, August, and December.  There is only one major graduation ceremony (the one in May).  It generally takes several months to receive the August and December diplomas depending on when they are ordered through the registrar’s office.  Be sure to provide a complete mailing address in the on-line graduation information as well as to the graduate coordinator to ensure that the diploma is forwarded to you promptly after it is received.