Why Come to CMU?-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University

Why Come to CMU?

The Master of Arts in Rhetoric is distinctive in its interdisciplinary, multi-methodological approaches to  rhetorical research and pedagogy. The methods of linguistics, psychology, philosophy, literary theory, and history are brought to bear on the processes of composing and comprehending discourse, the principal focus of  rhetorical studies at CMU. 

In the generalist M.A. option as well as in the special concentrations in Discourse Studies and in Intercultural Rhetoric, students design a program of study to suit their special needs.  

The M.A. program is open to part-time as well as full-time students. Full-time students normally receive partial tuition remission and have opportunities to act as paid research assistants to faculty members or on research projects. Master's students do not usually receive teaching assistantships. The M.A. program can be completed in two semesters. 

Our attention to recent research advances as well as to traditional concerns, together with our interdisciplinary flexibility, make the English Department at CMU an ideal place to consider for M.A. work in Rhetoric.