Brittany Schultz -Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University

Brittany Schultz

Interests: Film and Film Theory, 19th Century British Literature


After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2010, Brittany researched many graduate programs before selecting Carnegie Mellon University. As an undergraduate English major, she enjoyed literature, but also minored in Professional Writing and Film.

Because of her varied interests, she searched for a program that allowed her to study several topics. “I was interested in more than just literature, including things such as film, science, and history. Once I found that I loved films, especially in relation to literature, I wanted to somehow combine these different subjects, and I liked that this program was about more than just the study of literature,” she says.

After attending the English Department’s Open House in April, she decided to join CMU’s Literary and Cultural Studies (LCS) program. She explains, “I really liked the faculty, and I liked that the program was one year and allowed me to incorporate all the different things I loved.”

Since beginning the LCS program, Brittany’s initial opinion of the CMU faculty has been reinforced. She states, “The professors are so helpful and they want to make it the best experience possible, so they constantly let us know of different events going on or new things to look into and read. The professors are what make this program work so well.”

Brittany has focused her studies on the adaptations of novels, plays and short stories into films. In her first semester, Professor William’s Literary and Cultural Studies course opened her eyes to many different theorists. Despite not spending much time on theory in her undergraduate program, she has discovered that she enjoys learning and applying theory to the literature she reads.

Of Professor Williams she says, “He pushes us to constantly do better with our writing and also encourages us to think beyond the easy answers and come up with answers of our own. “

Brittany has also enjoyed Professor Newman’s course on censored texts, a course which allowed her to explore what leads to censorship and to look into specific cases, examining the reasons for the censorship and validity behind these explanations.

Upon graduating, Brittany plans to enter the field of education, through either teaching or writing textbooks and curriculum in the educational publishing field.

For student considering the LCS program, she recommends talking with current students and faculty. She says, “It is helpful to hear about everything—not only from the people that would teach you, but also from the people that are going through the program right now. Ask the graduate students what there is to do and what it is they enjoy about life in the program and life outside of the program. It’s just a year, but you want it to be the best possible.”


BA in English, The Ohio State University