Vision & Mission-CMUWorks - Carnegie Mellon University

CMUWorks Project Vision

The CMUWorks Project vision is to work collaboratively across campus to configure and implement a unified HR and Payroll information system that streamlines processes and procedures; provides access to timely, accurate business intelligence; facilitates compliance and reduces risk.
The implementation of this system will unlock productivity, enhance interdepartmental collaboration and innovation, provide the tools to support international growth, and free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives that support the university’s mission.

CMUWorks Project Mission Statement

Enable HR, Payroll and the academic and administrative units to become more effective and efficient through the deployment of optimized HR and Payroll systems and processes.


•    Manage employee information and activity as close to the source as possible

•    Review and redesign existing HR and Payroll processes as necessary to optimize efficiency; automate appropriate HR and Payroll tasks and functions

•    Support decision processing with the accurate, timely, and accessible data needed to enable informed judgment

•    Integrate HR and Payroll processes to minimize redundancy; integrate data across HR and Payroll and, where appropriate, across functional boundaries

•    Develop a system that supports the flexibility required for Carnegie Mellon’s operations

•    Engage campus early; focus on change management and communications

•    Deliver a successful support model by creating an Employee Service Center to help facilitate a high level of customer service and a quality employee experience

Employee Service Center Mission Statement

Deliver a high level of service to customers by collaborating effectively with stakeholders across campus and facilitating employee Human Resources (HR), Benefit and Payroll (PR) inquiries and transactions in an efficient, accurate and compliant manner.


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