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Since the kick-off to the Implementation Phase, the CMUWorks Team has scheduled or completed the presentations below.  If you would like the CMUWorks Team to help design or conduct a presentation/forum with your group, please email the project:

EVENT/MEETING             AUDIENCE                DATE

ALG Group                       ALG Members              2-20-14

Staff Council                    Employees                   2-20-14

HR Manager                     HR Manager                1-30-14

ALG Group                       ALG Members              1-23-14

Campus Affairs                 Leadership                  1-15-14

Dean's Lunch                   Deans                         1-15-14

HR Manager                     HR Manager                1-9-14

ABMC                              ABMC Members           12-19-13

Workday Info Forum          Ben/Payroll/HR Mgr    12-6-13

ALG Group                        ALG Members             11-21-13

Benefits Fair                      Employees                 11-6-13

NREC Luncheon                NREC Employees         10-24-13

SEI ELT                            SEI Leadership            10-21-12

Staff Council                     Employees                  10-17-13

ALG Group                        ALG Members             10-17-13

Workday Info Forum         Ben/Payroll/HR Mgr     10-10-13

MDF                                 MDF Members             09-24-13

ALG Group                        ALG Members             09-19-13

Workday Info Forum          Ben/Payroll/HR Mgr    08-21-13

HR Manager Meeting          HR Managers             08-15-13

Workday Info Forum          Benefit/Payroll           07-24-13

Tepper All Staff                 Tepper Employees       07-15-13

Workday Info Forum          Benefit/Payroll           06-25-13

HR Bagel Breakfast            HR Staff                     06-12-13

Workday Info Forum          Benefit/Payroll           05-29-13

MDF                                 MDF Members            05-22-13

ALG Group                        ALG Members            05-16-13

MDF                                 MDF Members            03-27-13

Dean's Lunch                    Deans                       02-18-13

ALG Group                        ALG Members            01-24-13

Computing Services           Management Team    01-15-13

HR Bagel Breakfast            HR Staff                    01-19-13

Playback 2                        Campus Team            12-18-12

ABMC                               ABMC Members          12-12-12

Playback 1                        Campus Team            11-13-12

Computing Services           Executives                 10-10-12

Finance Division                Finance Employees      09-26-12

ALG Group                        ALG Memebers           09-20-12

Implementation Kick-Off    Project Team              08-30-12



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