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Foundation Relations

Each year, Carnegie Mellon’s Foundation Relations staff works with hundreds of national and regional foundation sponsors to secure funding for research and education initiatives that provide support for university priorities. We develop relationships with funders on behalf of research, teaching, and outreach in all areas of the university.

Carnegie Mellon's Office of Foundation Relations coordinates the submission of all proposals to private foundations. In many cases, the university is limited in the number of proposals it may submit to a particular competition, and the foundation relations group assists in coordinating the university's nominees. Such competitions include Packard, Burroughs Wellcome, Searle, Dana, Keck, HHMI, Dreyfus, John Merck, and the Pew Scholars in Biomedical Research. (Please note that the National Science Foundation is a government agency and not a private foundation.) Even in cases where submissions are not limited, researchers should contact the foundation relations group when applying to a private foundation, as they may be able to assist them with the application process. Please contact Krista Campbell at 412-268-5360, or email
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To access our network of contacts and experience in the proposal process, please contact a member of our staff today.

Contact the Staff

Krista Campbell
Associate Director for Stewardship
Focus areas: progress and final reports to foundations, campus visits, 412-268-5360

Dave Minicucci
Development Research Analyst
Focus area: research reports, 412-268-8529

Kate Schaffer
Associate Director of Foundation Relations, 412-268-4395 

Jennifer Sobol
Associate Director of Foundation Relations, 412-268-9514

Sue Tolmer
Advancement Director, Architecture & Art
Focus area: fine arts (College of Fine Arts), 412-268-6654

Lauren Ward
Director, Foundation Relations
Focus areas: life sciences and public policy, 412-268-7761

Liz Wilson
Administrative Associate, Foundation Relations
Focus area: administrative support, 412-268-8256