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Enrollment Services is dedicated to providing Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff members with accurate and timely administrative services to help with registration, scheduling, courses, grades, classrooms and more.

Latest S3 release introduces new grade entry functions

Release #30 for the Student Services Suite included new functionality for entering grades and for updating tuition rates. Learn more

S3 Stakeholders meeting recap

The PowerPoint presentation from the June 10, 2013 S3 Stakeholders meeting is now available. Learn about the goals of the Functionally Focused Phase (FFP) and what it means for S3 users.



dates & deadlines

July 22: Summer Two course drop or pass/fail grade deadline

August 4-8: Summer All & wo Faculty Course Evaluations

August 7: Summer All & Two last day of classes; course drop deadline to receive withdrawal grade

August 8: Summer All & Two final exams

August 12: Summer All, Two & Mini-6 final grades due by 4 p.m.

August 15: Fall student account balance due

August 25: Semester & Mini-1 classes begin