Office of Risk Initiatives - Carnegie Mellon University

Office of Risk Initiatives

The Office of Risk Initiatives (ORI) serves as a center for strategically-focused enterprise risk management (ERM) activities at Carnegie Mellon University.

To advance Carnegie Mellon University’s educational and research mission by championing risk-aware decision-making, planning and response, ORI staff delivers risk expertise, tools, and best practices to CMU risk owners at all levels of the institution.

Two distinct risk altitudes - (1) enterprise risk and (2) unit-level risk - guide risk ownership, analysis, and resolution. ORI focuses its efforts, actions and advising capabilities at both risk altitudes utilizing varied techniques and approaches. Enterprise risks represent those conditions or actions that could substantially impact the university’s ability to achieve its mission or execute its strategies. Unit-level risks represent conditions or actions that could negatively impact the units’ objectives (including administrative and academic departments, colleges and/or divisions) and day-to-day activities.

Core activities of the ORI:

  • Develop and distribute risk planning models and planning tools that are adaptive and attuned to the CMU mission, culture and context
  • Provide education, training and outreach through varied avenues
  • Create enterprise risk level risk registers and promote actionable risk mitigation plans and implementation for prioritized risk matters
  • Provide unit-level risk analysis, heat-mapping, and advisory services
  • Support coalition and partnership building with CMU departments actively engaged in risk management on behalf of the institution