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Research at EPP

Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) is a unique department in the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University which addresses important problems in technology and policy. The department offers a research-oriented Ph.D. program and double-major undergraduate B.S. programs with each of the five traditional engineering departments and Computer Science. We educate technically skilled students to be leaders in policy-focused research; we work on policy problems in which the technology matters.

Policy-focused research differs from policy analysis in three important ways: it takes a longer term perspective; it takes a more fundamental perspective; and it may focus on the development of theory and of analytical tools and techniques as well as on solving specific problems.

Research in the department focuses on problems in:

Across these focal areas, the department addresses issues in technology and organizations, energy and behavior, and technology and economic development. We frequently undertake the development of Computer-Based Tools to support policy analysis and research.