Characteristics of Success-Diversity Resource Guide - Carnegie Mellon University

Characteristics of Success

What constitutes "diversity success" at Carnegie Mellon?  Here are some key characteristics of our vision:

  • Accountability
    Everyone feels responsible for making progress on diversity, and for making the personal adjustments that create productive working relationships within a multicultural environment.
  • Collaboration
    In raising diversity issues for change, the emphasis is not on setting blame for past practices and patterns, but on developing partnerships that move the university to a new level of performance.
  • Strategic imperative
    A strong business rationale drives the diversity activity, so that it will weather the periodic economic storms and management lapses of attention to the issues.
  • Climate of mutual respect
    Employees at all levels treat their peers, subordinates and supervisors with the same respect, honesty and cooperation they would seek in return.
  • Normalization
    Diversity is evident at all levels of the organization, and homogeneity is viewed as an exception rather than the norm.
  • Development
    The organization is committed to the long-term recognition, development and advancement of all its employees. Efforts are continually made to adjust systems to work naturally for all employees.
  • Understanding and valuing differences
    Educational and training efforts and the organization's culture and values encourage the recognition of differences, leading to understanding and valuing both similarities and differences. Carnegie Mellon's Interactive Theater initiative is an excellent forum for developing understanding and appreciation of differences.
  • Contribution
    The work-related opinions of all employees are sought and none are discounted on the basis of the diversity dimensions/attributes of the contributor.
  • Universality
    Diversity is accepted as a natural part of doing business, and is woven into the fabric of the operations of the organization.