Yueming Yu-Modern Languages - Carnegie Mellon University

Yueming Yu

Teaching Professor and Coordinator of Chinese Studies

Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University
Baker Hall 160
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Office: BH 243A
Phone: (412) 268-8943
Fax: (412) 268-1328
Department Member Since: 1992


I have been a foreign language professor for the greatest part of my adult life. I like teaching. I find teaching a very exciting profession, especially in the teaching of a foreign language. I have taught Chinese students English and also taught non-Chinese-speaking students Chinese. In addition to helping students master all the skills necessary in the use of the new language, I have also been leading them into a totally new world in which they get acquainted with different societies and cultures. This new world has been fascinating, and sometimes mysterious to them. To be able to play a part in broadening their minds in looking at the world around them has been the most rewarding aspect of my professional life.

I like students. They are young and full of vitality. They have different thoughts and feelings. A good understanding of them and love for them are essential to the success of teaching. I place high expectations on my students, but at the same time, I want to become their friends. Although I was very much brought up in a society whose tradition it is to emphasize "teacher dignity", my own experience has taught me that genuine dignity can be achieved only when students see my dedication to my work, the effectiveness in my teaching and my sincerity to my students. A teacher is also a role model in a student’s life.


Ph. D., Instructional Design and Technology, University of Pittsburgh, 1996

Selected Work

  • Program Consultant. St. Olaf College. 2009-2011
  • Consultant and Course reviewer for American Council of Education. 2009 – 2011
  • Co-Author for Chinese textbook “Chinese Link (Zhongwen Tiandi) (中文天地). 1st and 2nd edition. Vol. I-IV. 2006 & 2008. Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Member, Steering Committee of 3rd & 4th ICCTP. 2002-2004   
  • Language Teaching & Culture Teaching. Dec. 2011.  Huaxia Chinese School (HXCS) Teachers Conference.
  • Assessment in a CBI Classroom. Nov. 2011. CLTA annual conference.
  • To Speak or to Write – how to develop the oral proficiency of advanced level students of Chinese. July 2009. 7th ICCTP
  • Building Up Students Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency in Chinese. Nov. 2009. ACTFL & CLTA annual conference.
  • Restructuring Foreign Language Curricula to Meet the New Challenge. 2008. Modern Language Journal.
  • Context of Learning and Requesting in Chinese as a Second Language: An exploratory study   of students learning Chinese in Study Abroad and At Home contexts. 2008. Co-author.   “Journal ofthe Chinese Language Teachers Association”.
  • A function-oriented curriculum for advanced level students of Chinese, Aug. 2002. the 3rd ICCTP.

Courses Taught

82-433          Topics on Contemporary Culture of China
82-434          Studies in Chinese Traditions
82-331          Advanced Chinese I
82-332          Advanced Chinese II
82-333          Chinese Language and Culture
82-231          Intermediate Chinese I
82-232          Intermediate Chinese II
82-131          Elementary Chinese I
82-132          Elementary Chinese II