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Current Tuition and Fees

While tuition and related fees for 2014-2015 have not as yet been set by the university, we expect they will resemble 2013-2014 rates. Current Fees and expenses for full-time graduate study are as follows:

Academic Year Per Semester
Tuition $38,000 $19,000
Activity Fee $198 $99
Technology Fee $370 $185
Transportation Fee $120 $60

Books and
Supplies (estimate)

$600 $300

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The Carnegie Mellon Housing Services provides information to help new students find apartments within walking distance of campus or near the city bus lines or the CMU shuttle bus routes. [return to top]

Tuition and Fees for MLitt in Journalism Students

Students in the IJ option receive the standard tuition remission scholarship made available to all full-time students enrolled in the MAPW program and pay full-time tuition (minus the tuition remission scholarship and any additional merit aid) to Carnegie Mellon for their first three semesters. Tuition for the 4th semester is based on the number of credits undertaken. Because the project and thesis are both done via independent study, tuition for the 4th semester is reduced to about 50% of the full-time rate. [return to top]

Part-Time Enrollment

Part-time students are charged tuition at a unit rate determined by dividing the semester tuition by 36 to get the per unit cost and then multiplying the per unit costs by the number of units for which a student is enrolled. Individual courses are typically 9-12 units (3-4 credits). Full-time study is defined as taking at least 36 units (12 credits, usually 4 courses @ 9 units (3 credits) each. CMU staff members considering the part-time option should check with their departments concerning financial arrangements. [return to top]

Payment Options

Carnegie Mellon provides a tuition payment service, TMS, which allows you to pay academic year expenses in 10 interest-free monthly installments. The only cost is a small initial application fee. Additional information on payment options through TMS is available through the indicated link. [return to top]