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Identity Finder for Windows and Mac

Before You Download

  • If you already have Identity Finder installed, DO NOT uninstall it! Doing so will delete your Password Vault. The installer (below) will upgrade Identity Finder while preserving your settings and password vault.
  • Identity Finder is not currently compatible with OS X 10.9 & 10.10.
  • DSP Clients who do not already have Identity Finder installed should contact DSP.


This software will periodically contact servers in the Carnegie Mellon University Computing Services infrastructure to check for updates and configuration changes. In the process of doing so, the software will send the following information to these servers:

  • Operating system
  • Hostname
  • Identity Finder Client Version
  • IP address
  • Ethernet (MAC) address

This data will only be sent over the Carnegie Mellon University network (wired, wireless, VPN, etc.). It will not be transmitted otherwise. Identity Finder does not send the results of it's searches (identity matches, location matches, etc.).

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