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Voice Services (Centrex)

Computing Services Telecommunications provides the campus with a full range of basic and advanced telecommunications services including telephones, voicemail, conference calling and long distance services.

Trouble with Existing Services

The Telecom Service Line is your single point of contact for telecommunication related matters. If you experience problems with any of the services listed below refer to the Troubleshooting Checklist, and if problems persist contact the Telecom Service Line at 412-268-8500.

  • Telephone Service
  • Voicemail
  • Billing questions
  • Other telecommunication related issues

Request for New Services / Changes to Existing Services

IMPORTANT! Requests for new services OR changes to existing services should NOT be called into the Service Line.

For these requests, contact us via email at tcorders@andrew.cmu.edu with the following information:

  • Type of request (with details)
  • Contact Information
  • Billing Information

Phone Service Technical Details

Telecom Phone Service is provided through a Nortel DMS100 Supernode telephone switch located in Verizon's Oakland central office. The Centrex Phone Service was leased through Verizon on a three year customized contract signed in 2000.

There are two line types available:

  • Analog
    Standard line type; uses a Comdial or M9316 basic single line set
  • Digital
    Requires a Nortel Meridian Business set and is available with a display, speakerphone, or both
Telecom currently provides PhoneService to about 9,100 lines including 2,000 student lines AND COUNTING

Need Help?

Email: tc-help@cmu.edu
Phone: 412-268-8500
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST, M-F