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CableTV Service

Computing Services provides CableTV service to all main Campus Housing residents and most academic and administrative buildings on campus.

IMPORTANT! If you encounter issues with your CableTV service, first use the Troubleshooting Guide for assistance. If the issue persists, contact the Telecom Service Line at 412-268-8500.

Note: CableTV service is supported on cable-ready televisions, via coaxial cable to the antenna-in port. If you have a tv tuner card installed on your computer, use the card manufacturer's instructions to set up your connection.

Campus Housing Residence Buildings

CableTV is part of your Housing agreement and is offered at no additional charge. Simply connect your cable-ready television to view over 90 channels of programming.

  • Residents of Shady Oak apartments receive the campus CableTV service. View the campus channel lineup available to you.
  • Residents of the Oakland Apartments are provided with CableTV service through a special agreement with Comcast. View the Comcast Channel Lineup available to you.

Academic and Administrative Buildings

CableTV is available in most main campus administrative and academic buildings. Note the following for requesting this service:

  • There is a monthly fee of $10.40
  • If there are no existing outlets for service, refer to your Telecom Administrator to obtain an estimate to install service

The following requests must be submitted by a Telecom Administrator:

Need Help?

Contact Legacy Voice (Telecom) / Cable TV
Phone: 412-268-8500