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Mail Migration

These pages will guide you through migrating your email from your current CMU email service to one of the available options (Exchange or G Suite @ CMU).

Prepare your Mailbox for Migration

Large mailboxes can take longer to migrate. You can expedite the migration process by preparing your email for transition.

  • Empty your Trash/Deleted Items folder.
  • Delete Spam.
  • Save large attachments and remove them from the mail message.
  • Delete unwanted messages.

Note: Google limits the amount of email data we can transfer. See Google’s Bandwidth Policy for details.

Once you’ve considered the steps to reduce your mailbox size, review the process below and register for your migration through the Mail Migration tool.

Understand and Register for Mail Migration

Step 1: Register for Migration

Step 2: New Mailbox – Create and Copy

Step 3: Change Mail Delivery

Step 4: Delete Old Mailbox

Need Help?

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