Email Security-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Email Security

Opening Attachments

Before you open an unexpected attachment, consider that it may harbor malware that could infect your computer. Fraudulent web addresses will lure you into providing your login credentials or personal information. Learn to recognize phishing attempts by taking an interactive Email Security training at


Computing Services does not allow clear-text authentication to servers on campus. This means that any email client used with Computing Services' email servers MUST be configured to use an authentication method that provides encryption of your password.

Email Signing/Encryption Services

Computing Services does NOT offer any email signing (digital signature) or encryption services with our Exchange or Cyrus email services. Those who wish email signing or encryption services with their email client must obtain a certificate from an external Certificate Authority. Because Computing Services does not support this process, you should contact your DSP Consultant or departmental administrator for assistance in selecting and using email encryption with your email client.