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UC Self-Service Equipment Order Form

Equipment for use in McConomy, Connan, and Rangos

Note: For Full-Service, complete the UC Full Service AV Equipment Order Form.

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You must complete a separate order form for each room that requires audiovisual equipment.
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See Applicable Surcharges from the Price Lists page.

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McConomy Equipment - Resident Equipment
Connan Equipment - Additional Equipment
    Base Price
Resident Data/Video Projector
(Single Image)
$123 / hour

$106 Flat Rate for Event

Note: Rate per hour is based on the LENGTH OF THE EVENT; this may be longer than the time that the equipment is actually in use.


Microphone - Wireless Handheld or Lavalier (Clip-on)
Note: Pickup at the University Lending Center, room 111B
Laptop Umbilical


No Charge
Note: Pickup at the University Lending Center, room 111B

To have your class/event videotaped, fill out the Videotaping Order Form.
Applicable Surcharges
see Applicable Surcharges from the Price Lists page

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Please note: Submission of this form is not a confirmation of your order; it is only a request until confirmed by MediaTech staff members.