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Special Features

The following special features are unique to specific classrooms:

Special Feature Location Details Guide Available
Rotating Projector Hamburg Hall 1004 Ability to display on one of two screens in the room Yes
Center Projection Gates 4401 Ability to display in 16x9 format
Video Conferencing Capabilities

Gates 4307

Baker Hall A51, A53, A54

Doherty A302

Wean Hall 4623

Gates 4307, Baker Hall A51 and Baker Hall A53 offer resident IP video conferencing capabilities controllable from a touch panel.

Surround & Tactile Sound Gates 4301 Offers both surround and tactile sound systems that envelops the classroom. An optional tactile sound feature resonates through the floor via ultra low frequency waves, some below the human hearing threshold. With two human senses being stimulated, sound is experienced on a new level. Yes
Dual Display Baker A54 Offers two displays in the classroom
Third Projector Margaret Morrison A14 Large classroom with a 16' center screen, third projector.
12' Screen CFA 102

Doherty 1112
Doherty 1117

Small classroom with 12' screen