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Event Support

MediaTech can assist with every phase of your campus or off-campus event. We offer everything from rental of microphones to staffing your venue with on-site video camera operators, sound technicians, webcasting coordinators, and technology operators.

Our staff know Carnegie Mellon facilities inside out. We help enable presentations in classrooms, video tape lectures, assist in staging auditorium-sized functions, and more.  We also move, deliver, or assist with projector set-ups, video-conferencing, and audio & lighting specifications for faculty, staff and students. Our experience, enthusiasm, and technology are engineered into the mix to bring you professional quality results.

Place your Events orders online using one of the MediaTech Order Forms

Note:  If you have questions about what to order, call 412-268-8855.

Need Help?

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Email: mediatech@andrew.cmu.edu

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Cyert Hall A74
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8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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