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Welcome to the CMUWorks Service Center!

The CMUWorks Service Center is the central source for all HR, Payroll, Benefits, Timekeeping, and Workday questions and transactions. Our team of specialists, focused on service and continuous improvement, will provide the information and support you need, when you need it. CMUWorks for you!

What's New?

09/22/2015: ServiceNow Enhanced Features
As of September 24, 2015, email communications from ServiceNow, the CSC’s case ticketing system, will offer the following features:
1. The text of the customer’s initial email will be included on the subsequent email communications with the customer from the CSC, allowing customers to see their initial request along with the response from a CSC representative.
2. Individuals who are copied on the initial email to the CSC will automatically receive email notifications as the case is updated via a ‘watch list.’ See More.

09/22/2015: International Work Type Resource
An International Work Type Definitions resource to assist in selecting the correct international work type for an employee/position outside of the U.S is now available on the My Workday Toolkit.

09/20/2015: Off-Cycle Pay Update

Due to the multiple pay runs this coming week, there will be NO off-cycle pay runs the week of September 21, 2015.  All off-cycle pay requests will be held until the following week.  Departments and employees are encouraged to plan accordingly.

09/14/2015: Workday Notifications Email Address

With the update of Workday 25, Workday Notifications are now sent from a new email address:   As a result, email inbox rules/filters (previously set up to send Workday Notifications into a specific folder) may need to be updated to reflect the new email address.  Please see Computing Service’s Webpage for how to set up rules with Exchange for assistance with rules setup. For any questions or concerns, please contact the CMUWorks Service Center.

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