College Teaching Awards-Celebration of Education - Carnegie Mellon University

The College Teaching Awards

Below are the College Teaching Award recipients who were recognized in 2016.

College of Fine Arts

Henry Hornbostel Teaching Award
John Folan

T. David Fitz-Gibbon Chair and Director, Urban Design Build Studio, School of Architecture

Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Elliott Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service
Alex John London

Professor and Director, Center for Ethics and Policy, Department of Philosophy

Heinz College

Martcia Wade Teaching Award
Mark Wessell

Associate Teaching Professor

Mellon College of Science

Julius Ashkin Teaching Award
Po-Shen Loh

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Richard Moore Education Award
Brooke M. McCartney

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

School of Computer Science

Herbert A. Simon Award for Teaching Excellence
Ryan O'Donnell
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Tepper School of Business

Gerald L. Thompson Teaching Award in the B.S. Business Administration Program
Oliver Hahl

Assistant Professor

Richard M. Cyert Teaching Award in the Undergraduate Economics Program
Ariel Zetlin-Jones

Assistant Professor

MBA George Leland Bach Excellence in Teaching Award
Fallaw Sowell

Associate Professor