Make a Course Available

Course Availability Dialog Screenshot

Students won't see a course until the instructor makes it available:

  1. Within the course's Control Panel, select "Customization" > "Properties".
  2. Select "Yes" under "Make Course Available".
  3. Click "Submit".
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Enroll a TA Manually

Enroll TA Screenshot
  1. From the "Control Panel", select "Users and Groups" > "Users".
  2. Click "Enroll User" > "Find Users to Enroll".
  3. Enter the TA's Andrew ID under Username and change the role dropdown to "Teaching Assistant".
  4. Click "Submit".

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Blackboard Course Requests
Spring 2014

Instructors, it's time to request your Spring 2014 courses!
Fill out the the online course request form to request your course.

Get a Blackboard Demo

The Eberly Center schedules Blackboard demonstrations for instructors. This semester we have held Blackboard overview, gradebook, and collaboration tools demonstrations.

To request a demonstration, contact Blackboard support:

manage users

build a course

communicate & collaborate

evaluate student work

getting started for Students

Additional Support Topics