2009 Seminars - SETChange - Carnegie Mellon University

2009 Seminars

University Seminar on Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Change

Faculty and students in the program participate in a regular university seminar on strategy, entrepreneurship, and technological change. The seminar combines the perspectives of academic researchers and practitioners. It provides a forum for presentations by both faculty and graduate students and periodically features entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policymakers. Other seminars are regularly conducted throughout the university that are of interest to participants in the program.

2009-2010 Seminars

April 28, 2010: Shane Greenstein, Northwestern

April 14, 2010: Lourdes Sosa, London Business School

April 13, 2010: Robert Atkinson, President ITIF

April 1, 2010: Sue Helper, Case Western

March 22, 2010: Craig Barrett, Former CEO/Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

March 17, 2010: Jianxi Luo, MIT

February 17, 2010: Christopher Liu, Harvard

January 13, 2010: Carliss Baldwin, Harvard

December 1, 2009: Kevin Boudreau, London Business School

November 18, 2009: Pierre Azoulay, MIT

November 17, 2009: Jason O'Connor, Northwestern

November 6, 2009: Karim Lakahani, Harvard

November 5, 2009: Hugo Hopenhayn, UCLA

October 29, 2009: Scott Stern, MIT

October 16, 2009: Eric von Hippel, MIT

October 14, 2009: David Hart, George Mason University