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Current Seminars

University Seminar on Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Change

Faculty and students in the program participate in a regular university seminar on strategy, entrepreneurship, and technological change. The seminar combines the perspectives of academic researchers and practitioners. It provides a forum for presentations by both faculty and graduate students and periodically features entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policymakers. Other seminars are regularly conducted throughout the university that are of interest to participants in the program.

2010-2011 Seminars

October 14, 2010: Kate Anderson, CMU

October 21, 2010: Brian Kovak, CMU

October 28, 2010: Waverly Ding, Berkeley

November 4, 2010: Michael Ewens, CMU

November 11, 2010: Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School

November 18, 2010: Boyan Jovanovic, New York University

December 2, 2010: Bruce Kogut, Columbia

February 10, 2011: Danny Breznitz, Georgie Tech

February 24, 2011: Lori Rosenkopf, Wharton Business School

March 3, 2011: Dale Mortensen, Northwestern University

March 24, 2011: Nitin Joglekar, Boston University

March 31, 2011: Chuck Eesley, Stanford

April 7, 2011: Chad Syverson, University of Chicago

April 14, 2011: Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School

April 28, 2011: Ling Chen, Tsinghua University

April 28, 2011: Woody Powell, Stanford University