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News RSS

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a method of feeding news to a web page or RSS reader. Individuals may subscribe to your RSS feed using the feed’s URL. Additionally, you can feature news articles in a news grid or news index by linking to the RSS feed you create.

Create the RSS

  1. Select the folder in the asset tree where you want to save the RSS. We recommend creating an rss-feeds folder.
  2. Select New > News > RSS (menu bar).
  3. Complete the required information:
    • System Name - type the file name to be displayed in the asset tree and the live address (e.g., cmu-news).
    • Title - type the title for the RSS (e.g., My Site’s News).
  4. Complete the RSS fields:
    • Site URL Root – the full URL for your website (e.g., or
    • Feed Description – a general description
    • Maximum Feed Entries (optional) – maximum number of entries to include in the feed. If blank, all news stories will be included.
    • Feed Content – choose summaries or full stories.
    • Path to specific folder in content tree – type the path to the folder where the content for the RSS feed is located.
  5. Choose categories (optional) to selectively display certain types of news. Hold Shift and click to choose multiples.
  6. Publish the RSS.
  7. Note the published URL, adding .rss to the end of the page you created.
    • Live -
    • Staging -

Add to a News Grid or News Index

RSS can be used with a News Grid or News Index by choosing RSS for the news type. See those pages for detailed steps.