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Build a Bio Index

A Bio Index is a directory for your Bio pages. Bios feed into the index based on the options you select. The Bio Index offers the following elements:

  • Pre-styled biography details
  • Sidebar with links to bio sections
  • Hero (photo, silent video or news article)
  • Additional content area

Create the Page

  1. Select the folder in the asset tree where your Bio pages are saved.

  2. Select New > Bio > Bio Index (menu bar).
  3. Complete the required information:
    • System Name - type the file name to be displayed in the asset tree and the live web address. See Best Practices for more on selecting a system name.
    • Title - type the page name to be displayed in the navigation.
    • Description - type a summary of the page content.
    • Hide from Navigation - select yes to hide the current page in the navigation.

Add Bio Index Information

These fields determine how bios display on the page.

  1. Browse  to select a social media image if different from the default.
  2. Add an optional hero.
  3. Include a summary of those featured for Intro Text.
  4. Select yes to add a sidebar with links to page sections and select a style for Jump Menu.
  5. Select Grid or Stacked for bio layout
  1. Select a Type.
    • Photo - details float over photo.
    • Card - details display below photo in a card.
  2. Complete the Heading and Grid ID fields. These are used to generate the Jump Menu, if selected.
  3. Determine the options you want to display from the bio page: job title and/or summary.
  4. Select yes for Collapse Region to make this section expand/collapse. 
  1. Complete the Heading, Grid ID, Style and Background Image fields. Heading and Grid ID are used to generate the Jump Menu, if selected.
  2. Determine the options you want to display from the Bio page.

Select Page Categories

  1. Use categories to selectively display bios on the index page (i.e., Alumni, Faculty, college, etc.). Hold CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) and click to select multiple categories.
  2. Click + to add another section sorted by a different category.

Add Additional Content (optional)

Use the Content WYSIWYG area for basics such as text, links, tables or images. Select expand/collapse or sidebar to add, organize and display related information. You can also add a grid or slideshow.