JFC Budget Process for Fiscal Year 16

Every year, organizations are able to receive JFC funds to subsidize their expenses. This year's Joint Funding Committee (JFC) is responsible for allocating funds to organizations for Fiscal Year 16 (FY16: Fall '15 Spring '16).

Preliminary JFC Allocations for all submitted organization budgets will be released by April 1st, 2015. The Student Body VP for Finance will send an email on April 1st to all Presidents & Authorized Signers for these organizations regarding their JFC Allocated Budget. Further details regarding the Appeals Process for an organization's JFC Allocation will be provided in this email. Tentatively, Appeals will be due from organizations by April 8th and Appeals Hearings will occur on April 9th and April 10th. The JFC Slate will be reviewed by Senate and GSA for ratification on April 23rd. Official FY16 JFC Budgets will be finalized immediately following the ratification and a final update will be sent to all organizations soon after.

Budget submissions were due by January 23rd and the JFC is no longer receiving new submissions for FY16 funding. The Joint Funding Committee is currently in session reviewing all organization budget submissions to decide FY16 JFC Allocations.

If you have the appropriate permissions from your organization, you may access the New Funding Module to view your submitted budget for FY16 via this website: https://cmu.campuslabs.com/budgeting/.

Here are the presentation notes for your guidance regarding JFC Funding and the Funding Process for FY16: JFC Information Session FY2016.

Please contact your assigned JFC representative and/or the Student Body VP for Finance at sbvpf@andrew.cmu.edu with any questions or concerns.