Efficient, Effective Business Practices

Strategic Recommendation

Focus on efficient, effective, and nimble business practices to support the needs of an evolving university community.

As CMU continues to diversify the nature of its programs and partnerships, it is essential that departments, schools, and colleges work together to build a strong financial foundation by creating efficiencies, improving policies and processes, and reducing duplication and costs throughout the university. Specifically, CMU will:

  • Implement a new policy process to establish a consistent, timely framework for the creation, consideration, socialization, and adoption of new policies, and to set a regular schedule for review of existing policies.
  • Encourage focus, prioritization, and a data-driven approach in decision making, and balance the university’s ambition to launch new initiatives with the importance of being sure those initiatives remain sustainable in the long term.
  • Identify and pursue key management initiatives to improve productivity, and continually align business processes and operations to enable faculty, students, and staff to support the mission of the university. Communicate that connection broadly to the university community.