SmartSpaces Laboratory-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

SmartSpaces Laboratory-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

SmartSpaces Laboratory

The SmartSpaces laboratory at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley focuses on applications and systems that provide interactive, usable, and customizable support for individuals and groups equippd with mobile devices interacting with a sensor-rich environment.

Building on previous work designed to simplify common business-related tasks such as making meeting arrangements and managing email, context-aware toolkits and mobile applications, the projects fuse information and services driven by location, preference, and task utilizing context-aware software agents, mobile appliances, robots, web services, sensor systems and agent mediated services. With research initiatives led by professors Martin Griss, Steven Rosenberg, Bob Iannucci and Jia Zhang, SmartSpaces projects are exploring the mobile lifestyle.

Recent SmartSpaces research focuses on several primary areas: smart communities, elder care,  home entertainment and personal asisstants. In the area of elder care, SmartSpaces has investigate the use of sensor-enabled, multi-modal interactive systems in the home to assist the elderly with a variety of tasks such as medication management, shopping, and ordering food. Context-aware applications developed by SmartSpaces will not only afford the elderly a greater degree of independence and simplify daily living, but also help their caregivers provide better services by giving them the ability to remotely monitor the in-home activities of elderly clients and family members. On the home entertainment front, SmartSpaces has explored the development of responsive, intelligent applications for managing and enhancing entertainment experiences for both individuals and groups. Mobile personal assistants use context derived from sensors on the phone and the environment, and information gathered in the cloud to offer proactive services. Other potential applications for SmartSpaces technology are also currently being explored, including GPS and personal travel assistants, disaster management (DMI), meeting management for mobile professionals, and energy management in sensor-equipped smart buldings (smart communities). 

The SmartSpaces affiliated projects makes extensive use of mobile application construction and open source software in the development of context-aware agent-based applications and is closely affiliated with Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley’s Mobility Research Center and Center for Open Source Investigation (COSI). Learn more by visiting the older SmartSpaces website.

Contact: Martin Griss, Steven Rosenberg, Jia Zhang, Bob Iannucci