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Free Machine Learning  / Data Science Help for Non-Profit and Governmental Organizations

If you are in the public sector (national or local government, in the US or other countries) or in the social sector (non-profit or social enterprises), and your organization could use free machine learning expertise to improve its societal impact, please complete our intake form

Best cases are those where the potential for societal impact is evident, the questions are well defined, and significant relevant data is available. Otherwise, we will work with you to define the project and get it ready for our students. The information you provide will not be posted publicly without your permission.

If you would like examples of how to fill out the intake form, the following organizations have agreed to post their applications publicly.

 CDC Climate and Health Program ML4SG Submission Example  Digital Green ML4SG Submission Example   M-Lab ML4SG Submission Example

Machine Learning for Social Good (ML4SG) is an undertaking of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science to enhance SCS’s research and education in applying machine learning to problems of societal impact.

This initiative is supported by a recently announced generous gift to SCS from Uptake. One activity supported by the Uptake fund is the matching of public sector and social sector organizations that face machine learning challenges with suitable SCS students, who would work on these problems as part of their educational experience, under faculty supervision.

We are grateful to Uptake for their generous gift that enabled this initiative.