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December 14, 2021

New Paper: Towards Open and Cross Domain Edge Emulation

By Jim Blakley, Living Edge Lab Associate Director

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Edge computing brings resources nearer to end users and devices. Edge resources are heterogeneous and dynamic, presenting unique and competing challenges to researchers, network designers, and application developers. To meet these challenges, there is a critical ecosystem need for edge emulation capabilities. Several edge emulators exist however, most do not fully satisfy the needs of edge's various stakeholders. We present AdvantEDGE, an open mobile edge emulator that is feature rich while remaining flexible. AdvantEDGE enables diverse stakeholders to explore their respective disciplines while interacting with each other. In this paper, we summarize existing edge emulators, we present missing requirements and how they are fulfilled by AdvantEDGE and finally, we present research examples that were enabled via the use of the AdvantEDGE.

Paper on IEEE Xplore