First International Symposium on Quality of Life Technology-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First International Symposium on Quality of Life Technology

Intelligent Systems for Better Living

Call for participation due February 5, 2009

June 30 - July 1, 2009, University Club, Oakland - Pittsburgh, PA

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Ways to support people’s ability to live independently are increasingly demanded throughout the world as demographics shift to an older society and the prevalence of disability increases.

Creating and focusing technology to address quality of life concerns is a timely challenge
for scientists, engineers, clinicians and society as a whole. In this symposium, key opinion
leaders in Quality of Life Technology will present their most recent concepts and results and engage in open discussion.

The symposium will showcase emerging technologies, their motivations and applications from around the world. Through over two dozen peer-reviewed talks and a poster session, presenters will discuss their latest research and findings.

Topics Covered

  • Assistive Robotics
  • Human Awareness Technology
  • Safe Driving Technology
  • Human Activity Modeling
  • Mobility Aids
  • Human-System Interaction
  • Best Practices in Aging and Disability Services
  • Privacy Issues

Keynote Speakers

  • Henrik Christensen - KUKA Chair of Robotics and Director of the Center for Robotics and
  • Intelligent Machines.  Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rory Cooper - FISA & Paralyzed Veterans of America Chair and Distinguished Professor of Rehabilitation Science and Technology.  University of Pittsburgh
  • Margaret Giannini - Former Director of the Office on Disabilit. US Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Alan Jette - Professor and Director of the Health & Disability Research Institute. Boston University
  • Takeo Kanade - UA and Helen Whitaker Professor of Computer Science and Robotics.  Carnegie Mellon University
  • Alex Pentland - Professor and Director of the Digital Life Consortium.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Neil Resnick - Thomas Detre Chair in Geriatric Medicine & Chief of the Div. of Geriatrics.  University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Isao Shimoyama - Professor, Graduate School of Information Technology.  University of Tokyo

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