First Person Vision LLC Secures Exclusive License to QoLT Technology-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

First Person Vision LLC Secures Exclusive License to QoLT Technology

Outcome / Accomplishment:

First Person Vision, LLC - a Pittsburgh, PA company formed as a spin-out of the Quality of Life Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University - has been granted an exclusive license for the First Person Vision (FPV) platform technology, developed by QoLT Director Emeritus, Takeo Kanade, and Perception and Awareness Research Thrust Leader, Martial Hebert, both preeminent experts in computer vision and robotics.

The license from Carnegie Mellon University includes exclusive rights for "Field of Use" assistive devices or services for cognitive, physical and developmental impairment, and evaluation and training devices or services for industrial, military, homeland security, sports, retail, media and/or entertainment.

Impact / Benefit:

A transformative system, FPV enables people and intelligent systems to work together in a truly symbiotic manner. The seamless human-system interaction enabled by FPV aims to improve the effectiveness of intelligent systems used for applications in security, information, personal assistance, training and entertainment.

First Person Vision, LLC anticipates near-term market entry in sporting, coaching and entertainment applications. The company is currently in discussions with several sports governing bodies and public television networks for the use of the FPV technology in professional sporting game broadcasts. The sports entertainment applications will feature broadcast replay and analysis, as well as in-venue, web or individual athlete views. Future opportunities in this area that have been identified include coaching tools for scouting, player evaluation, performance improvement and training to emulate the best athletes.

The company seeks to evolve additional vertical markets as well. Plans are in place to explore:

  • Federal Security (via TSA, airport security, border patrol, secret service intelligence and other military applications;
  • Aviation (via cockpit voice activation control and maintenance);
  • Healthcare (via validation of treatment, training, and surgical light direction); and,
  • Home (via peripherals for a home gateway).

Explanation / Background:

First Person Vision uses two pair of cameras to allow a computer to share "seeing" what, who and where the person is looking. The first forward-looking camera captures the full visual field of the person, while the second, using eye-tracking software, pinpoints the exact location of where he or she is looking (gazing).

For sporting and entertainment purposes, FPV can capture novel game perspectives directly from the player, the coach or the referee point of view, introducing transformative experiences and interactions for both players and fans alike. With FPV, coaches and fans can identify exactly where and at what a player is looking. Fans will especially enjoy this expanded view of the on-field or in-game action and more directly experience players' immediate line-of-sight and decision-making. First Person Vision, LLC expects to increase revenues for professional sporting organizations and broadcasters through increased viewership, sponsorship of the FPV technology and online subscriptions.

Brendan McManus, a former Executive-in-Residence (EIR) of the QoLT Foundry, will lead First Person Vision, LLC as President. Founders Kanade and Hebert are retained as Chief Technology Officer and Technical Advisor, respectively. Gary Miller (also a former EIR of the QoLT Foundry) and Patrick McManus continue to advise the company on its start-up and sports marketing strategies. The company currently employs a technical team of three engineers.

In 2012 First Person Vision, LLC undertook exploratory work on the use of the technology for NASCAR racing and for NFL football. The technology is slated to debut in the media during a major sporting event in 2013. After is network debut, FPV Sport will initiate sales of the system directly to professional and collegiate teams for player development and also to leagues for referee training. The company intends to offer FPV Sport as a complete solution spanning talent evaluation, development and integration.

NSF Achievement Category:

Technology Transfer

By: Kristen Sabol, ksabol @