2012 Achievements-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

The following achievement stories were highlighted in QoLT's Year 7 Annual Report to the National Science Foundation. 

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2012 Achievements

First Person Vision LLC Secures Exclusive License to QoLT Technology

First Person Vision, LLC - a Pittsburgh, PA company formed as a spin-out of the Quality of Life Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University - has been granted an exclusive license for the First Person Vision (FPV) platform technology, developed by QoLT Director Emeritus, Takeo Kanade, and Perception and Awareness Research Thrust Leader, Martial Hebert, both preeminent experts in computer vision and robotics.

The license from Carnegie Mellon University includes exclusive rights for "Field of Use" assistive devices or services for cognitive, physical and developmental impairment, and evaluation and training devices or services for industrial, military, homeland security, sports, retail, media and/or entertainment.


dWellSense Reveals Critical Factors for the Analysis of Home-Based Sensor Data

dWellSense - a system developed by QoLT human-system interaction researchers, Anind Dey and Matthew Lee - embeds sensors into everyday home appliances to help detect the potential onset of dementia, physical decline and other changes in the wellness of adults who live alone.

Data collected by Lee (CMU-HCII '12) through the dWellSense system shows that time dimensions are critical factors for sensor-based self-reflection. Mutliple long-term field deployments of dWellSense found that real-time feedback is particularly useful for supporting behavior changes, while longer-term, trended feedback is more useful for supporting a greater awareness of one's individual abilities and identifying deviations from or shifts within observed behavior patterns.


First Large-Scale Robotic Object Discovery (LROD) Method Builds Robot "Memories" to Enable Personalized Assistance and Additional Services in the Home

By incorporating constraints and non-visual information - or "robotic metadata" - into the automatic processing of a robot's full day of raw video streams, QoLT PhD student  Alvaro Collet Romea (CMU-RI '12) has proven that robust object discovery is possible in a reasonable amount of time. His HerbDisc (for HERB Discovery), is a first example of an optimized implementation of automated large-scale robotic object discovery (LROD). MORE

Milestone Publications Highlight the Quality of Life Technology Center's Interdisciplinary Process

October 2012 marked the release of the first available textbook on Quality of Life Technology (QoLT). Published under the guidance of QoLT's Person and Society Research Thrust Leader, Rich Shulz, The Quality of Life Technology Handbook is the third in a series of milestone publications describing the interdisciplinary process of technology development at the Quality of Life Technology Center. In September 2012, Director Dan Siewiorek's article on virtual coaches, "Generation Smartphone," appeared as the cover story of IEEE Spectrum; while Proceedings of the IEEE released a Special Issue on Quality of Life Technology edited by Director Emeritus, Takeo Kanade, in August. MORE