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VibeAttire, LLC

Feel sounds while listening to music, playing video games, or watching videos and movies.

VibeAttire converts audio signals into vibro-tactile experiences. A suite of vibration motors is seamlessly embedded into ordinary clothing that your MP3 player or other multimedia device can plug into.  These motors accept the same output as audio devices to transduce sound into synchronized vibrations so that the user feels the music rather than just hears it.

The design, grouping and positioning of the vibration motors allows for the strategic placement of sensation near the regions of the body that are most sensitive to specific frequencies of vibration. The process is known as sensory substitution and was originally intended for people with hearing impairments.  But with VibeAttire, anyone can enjoy an immersive musical experience that truly captures the pulse of a live concert.

Core Benefits:

  • Creates a more immersive experience of sound
  • Heightens the user's perceptions
  • Allows some users to experience music for the first time
  • Provides supplemental sound dimensions for partial hearing users

Targeted User Populations:

  • Music, Gaming and Multimedia Enthusiasts
  • People with Hearing Impairments
  • Therapy

"VibeAttire requires only the standard audio jack of your MP3 player, cell phone or other device for an easy plug-and-play experience.  It's sensory surround-sound!"

--Aubrey Shick, Carnegie Mellon University

About the Research:

Recent work focuses on reducing the form factor of the vibration motors and streamlining motor integration to make VibeAttire clothing more comfortable and fashion-forward.

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The VibeAttire Vest (early prototype)

Concept drawing - device integration


Aubrey Shick,
Founder and Lead Researcher
(p): 412-268-4950

Kristen Sabol,
QoLT Communications and Media
(p): 412-303-7396