Carnegie Mellon University

Escort Service

The Escort service operates from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM in the geographical areas of Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill. (zones listed below).  Beginning at 6:30 PM daily, and every half hour (30 minutes) through 6:30 AM, you are able to use the escort service by waiting at the below pick-up locations.

Pick-Up Locations

  • Hamburg Hall
  • Cohon University Center
  • Margaret Morrison Plaza
  • Frew Street at Tech Street
  • 300 S Craig Street

Escort Zones

Green :  Oakland, west from Morewood

Blue:  Shadyside and Friendship east from Morewood

Red: Squirrel Hill, north from Woodmont and east from Murray Avenue (only the yellow bus travels on Murray from Forward, north)

Yellow:  Squirrel Hill, west of Murray Avenue to Schenley Park

Shuttle and Escort Service Rules and Procedures

·        A CMU ID card is required to ride - every passenger with a valid CMU ID can ride any of the shuttles or escorts. One guest can also ride with any CMU affiliate.
·        It is imperative that you speak loudly and clearly to the drivers when giving your destination. It is very difficult for the drivers to hear above the engine noise and other passenger noise.
·        Drivers are only permitted to pick up and drop off passengers at designated stops. This is a safety policy that is strictly adhered to.
·        No alcoholic beverages, bicycles, scooters (electric) or pets are permitted on any shuttle or escort vehicles.