Carnegie Mellon University

Parking Policies

  1. The University’s Parking Regulations, Policies and Procedures (“Policies”) apply to all vehicles operated on University property. The University is not responsible for loss or damage incurred to vehicles or the contents in the vehicles using University facilities or operated on University property. The Parking & Transportation Office issues permits only to members of the University community, subject to the conditions that permit holders abide by the Policies and agree to pay the fees charged for parking permits and all costs or penalties associated with violations of the Regulations. Monies that are owed to Parking & Transportation must be paid before an application will be included in the allocation process. The Policies define specific violations and explain the University’s enforcement practices, including ticketing and imposition of fines, payment and appeal procedures and, where necessary, immobilization or external enforcement (i.e. towing). Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to ticket and tow any vehicle located on University property if that vehicle does not display a valid parking permit. 
  2. If you have forgotten your permit (hang tag) on a particular day, you should visit the Parking & Transportation Office to purchase a temporary permit (a $5 fee will be charged) or the vehicle will receive a citation. In the event a gate card or permit hang tag is lost, a $15 fee will be charged for issuance of a replacement gate card or for non-display of permit hangtag, which is a $6.00 fine or $3.00 if paid within (5) days of issuance. One warning, per parking permit year, will be issued for failure to display a temporary permit, when your regular permit is forgotten. Thereafter, the vehicle will receive a citation and the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for paying the citation.
  3. Compact vehicles must park in the designated compact assigned parking spaces. Full size vehicles are those which exceed either dimension. Any full size vehicle parking in the Compact Cat assigned spaces will be issued a ticket.
  4. The University establishes the criteria to allocate parking spaces each year among members of the Carnegie Mellon community. After the annual allocation procedure has concluded, the Parking & Transportation Office sells remaining spaces in each lot to applicants on the waiting list in order of category (faculty, staff, and student).
  5. Payment of the applicable parking fee entitles the permit holder to enter an assigned parking lot. Employees who receive parking before the 15th of the month will be charged for parking for the entire month; any employee who receives parking after the 15th of the month will be charged for half the month. Upon separation of employment or termination of affiliation with the University, parking permits must be surrendered. Any employee, who leaves the University for any reason, (short-term disability, termination, leave of absence, sabbatical leave) must notify Parking & Transportation and return all parking materials to remove payroll parking deductions. 
  6. Permit parking Policies are in effect at all times throughout the year including Spring Break, Carnival, or any other special event that may be taking place on University property or in University parking facilities.
  7. It is the driver’s responsibility to find a legal, marked parking space and to park the entire vehicle within the boundary lines. If a vehicle experiences mechanical failure, it is the owner’s/driver’s responsibility to have the vehicle removed as soon as possible, and to notify Parking & Transportation and the University Police.
  8. Parking Permits are not transferrable or shareable.
  9. Permit Refund Request: All parking refund requests must be accompanied by proof of purchase (e.g., cancelled check, credit card receipt or sales receipt from Parking & Transportation), or they will not be processed.
  10. Pre v. Post Tax Parking Deduction:  On September 1, 1999 The IRS, Section 132(f) implemented a plan that would allow employees to pay for their parking on a pre-tax basis.   The plan was later amended in January, 2016.

    How this plan works

    Each employee must complete a Qualified Parking Salary Reduction Agreement.  This agreement states that the employer agrees that the employee’s salary from the University will be reduced on your gross salary amount, because this plan is employer provided, you are not subject to pay federal income tax or FICA.  The dollar limit on the parking amount is $255.00 per month.  If you do not choose the pre-tax plan, you pay for parking after tax dollars, subject to federal income tax withholding and FICA have been taken. 

    Until 2005, pre-tax parking payments reduced an employee’s gross salary upon which the University’s retirement program contribution was based.  That is no longer the case, and CMU contributions are calculated on an employee’s full gross pay regardless of a pre-tax parking reduction.

    Please Note:  There is one drawback to utilizing the pre-tax option, under the current Social Security system; your benefits are based on the earnings on which you paid Social Security Tax. When you utilize the pre-tax option, it further reduces the earnings that the Social Security Administration uses to compute your Social Security benefit and may result in a lower Social Security benefit. 

    If you are an employee that currently has a post-tax deduction and would like to switch to pre-tax, please feel free to contact the parking office, at or 8-2052. 

    NOTE:  Please remember to review your pay stub monthly to verify that your parking fees are being properly deducted.
  11. Special Parking Provisions. Any special parking provisions must be made and confirmed with Parking & Transportation Services.
    1. Visitors: Departments may purchase visitor parking passes from Parking & Transportation for special guests upon a space-available basis. If known in advance when visitors will need parking, please contact Parking & Transportation. Once these arrangements are made, they cannot be cancelled and Parking & Transportation Services will not issue a refund. (The parking meters and time signs on Frew, Tech and Margaret Morrison Streets are under the authority of the City of Pittsburgh and are not affected by Carnegie Mellon visitor passes.) Guests are subject to all parking regulations; and it is the responsibility of the department or the individual who arranges for visitor parking, to make the parking rules and regulations known to visitors. Reservations involving 50 or more visitors will require use of a valet service, at event sponsors expense. 
    2. Cohon University Center Parking Guidelines: This area is for service vehicle parking & deliveries only. Violators will be ticketed.
      1. Delivery area is identified as the loading dock.
      2. The area adjacent to the loading dock (behind the Weigand Gymnasium) is for Carnegie Mellon service vehicles (FMS, Postal Services, Catering, and Retail Services).  Any outside repair/ maintenance service companies must receive permission from the Parking & Transportation Services Office to park in this area and conduct their business, and should be in marked vehicle.  The designated signs identify this area.
      3. Vendors or event sponsors, who are working in the Cohon University Center and need to park vehicles, are required to purchase a parking pass from the personnel in the Parking & Transportation Office and park in designated parking lots or the garage .
      4. Vendors with the mini-universal parking passes, who are making deliveries (limited to 1 hour), are to use the designated loading dock area.  If they need to spend additional time in the building to conduct business, they are required to re-park their vehicles the East Campus Garage and/or make arrangements with the Dock Coordinator.
    3. Off-Campus Employee Parking: Employees, who need to go off campus or who need to do business on campus, must follow these procedures as outlined below.Any employee with a valid Carnegie Mellon parking permit, who parks in an off-campus location (Bakery Square, 4700 Fifth Avenue, Whitfield, Dithridge St. Garage, 6555 Penn Avenue, PTC, Henry Street, Fifth and Craig (Rand Building) and all Downtown Parkers) are eligible to park in spaces designated in off-campus employee parking area with their regular permit. An off-campus employee who is not in the parking system and wishes to park in the garage that is part of the University parking system must pay for parking at the prevailing rate.
      1. East Campus Garage: Enter the East Campus Garage, take a parking ticket and park in any space marked specifically for “off-campus employees.” Prior to exiting the garage, please visit the parking office located in the garage to have your ticket validated accordingly.
      2. 6555 Penn Avenue: Park your car, obtain an off-campus employee permit from the receptionist and place the permit on the dashboard.
    4. Groups and Special Events: Departments may submit a parking request to the Parking & Transportation Office for groups conducting special events on campus. The Parking & Transportation Office must receive any requests in writing, as soon as confirmation of the event has occurred, or at least three days in advance. To make a reservation, send your request to:  Once the reservation request is fulfilled, Parking & Transportation Services will not issue any refunds. Requests will be made on a first-come, first-serve, space available basis. Guests are subject to all parking regulations; it is the responsibility of the department or individual, who arranges for visitor parking to make the Policies known to the guests. Vendors or event sponsors, who are working in the University Center or elsewhere on campus, are required to pay the prevailing parking rates. If requesting a congress card (e.g., a card which permits repeated access during a defined timeframe) for your guests, the charge will be $10.00. All validation tickets purchased are valid during the parking year (July 1 through June 30).
    5. Service, Construction and Vendor Vehicles: All service, construction and vendor vehicles must obtain a permit to park for use in any Carnegie Mellon lot with the exception of the East Campus Garage. If purchasing a mini-universal permit, this permit will allow access to all Carnegie Mellon lots as follows:
      1. All Carnegie Mellon owned licensed vehicles are required to purchase a mini-universal permit to gain access to lots. All vehicles will be registered in the Parking & Transportation Office and will be given one permit per vehicle.
      2. All construction vehicles marked or unmarked must obtain a permit to gain access to lots on campus.
      3. All vendors with marked vehicles (Frito-Lay, Coca Cola, etc.) may use the appropriate loading zones at each building. Any vendor, who is coming to a meeting or is spending more than 15 minutes at one location, will have to pay to park in the garage or purchase a vendor permit.
    6. Car Pools: The Parking & Transportation Office will grant gate access to each carpool member, either using their CMU ID+ card or using an alternative parking card in their assigned lot location. Only one car from the pool may occupy space in the assigned lot on any given day. This car must display the permit on the rear-view mirror. Each carpool group will be given validation tickets, which entitles them to park in the East Campus Garage, a total of three (3) times out of the parking year. These (3) tickets should be shared among the entire group.  *3-day, Motorcycle, Universals , and Shift permits are excluded from the carpool discount rate.
    7. Disabilities: The University allocates spaces in Carnegie Mellon parking areas in accessible locations for employees, students, and visitors with disabilities. Requests for all accommodations, short or long term, must be sent to Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) at (412) 268-2013, or by contacting . Appropriate documentation (including but not limited to a physician’s certified note) must be presented, when requesting short-term or long-term disability parking. Accommodations for disabilities that will last less than 4 weeks in duration will not be charged the difference in permit price if a lot change is necessary. Otherwise, the University will charge the permitting fee appropriate for the location of the space provided as an accommodation.
    8. Emeriti:  Emeritus faculty shall continue to have the same access to parking as before retirement, and will retain their seniority in space allocation.  For emeriti who are not employed by the university, free parking of up to 50 days is granted in one of the university areas; additional parking can be purchased by the emeriti at half the regular rate.  The above is not meant to preclude the availability of other university services or resources where arrangements have been made with the respective department and dean.
    9. Board of Trustees: Parking & Transportation Services issues Universal parking passes to Board of Trustee, designated vendors, as well as selected VIP members of the community, on official University business, free of charge.  Verification and issuance of such permits are reviewed by the Executive Administration of the University.
    10. Special Restriction Parking: The University reserves the right to restrict parking for special maintenance, snow removal and other activities deemed appropriate by the University. When restrictions occur, the Parking & Transportation Office coordinates alternative parking arrangements for people holding valid permits. Since permit holders will be provided with a parking space in an alternative location, Parking & Transportation does not reimburse the customer.
    11. Snow Emergency: A snow emergency is 10 inches or more of snow in a 24-hour period. Following is a list of procedures that will take place in the event of a snow emergency:
      1. A pole and chain will be put up to block the entrances to Morewood and Fine Arts in the event of a snow emergency.
      2. Security will provide personnel to direct permit holders into other lots, when Morewood and Fine Arts are chained off.
      3. Parking will be available in lots that are cleared first. No car will be ticketed, as long as it has a hanging tag for that day.
      4. Morewood and Fine Arts will be given high priority for snow removal. People coming to work early will be instructed to park in the garage until the lots are cleared.
      5. Cars that are obstructing the cleaning of Morewood and Fine Arts, will be towed to a corner of the lot or to the East Campus Garage. Owners of vehicles blocking the lots will be notified to move their cars. Failure to do so may result in the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.
    12. Motorcycles: All motorcycles parking on campus must have a valid motorcycle permit. Purchase of this permit enables motorcycles to be parked in certain areas as specified below. Motorcycles are characterized as any bike, which carries gasoline.  Any motorcycle parked on the sidewalk, bicycle racks or abutting buildings will be issued a citation.  Mopeds are not considered motorcycles.  Mopeds must display a moped license plate.  If you hold a regular vehicle permit in any lot in which there are motorcycle spaces (East Campus Garage, Porter-Wean, Hamburg and Fine Arts), Parking & Transportation will issue a motorcycle permit at no additional charge to you, but this will entitle you only to park in the same lot in which your regular permit entitles you to park.
    13. Flyers:  Please be advised that organizations in and around the campus community are not permitted to place advertisement flyers on vehicles in any of the parking areas.  If an organization wishes to have their event advertised, please contact the Parking & Transportation Services office to make arrangements. 
    14. Ticketing/Booting/Towing:  All vehicles that have three or more citations will be ticketed and booted.  Any vehicle that is booted and the boot not removed within 24-hours will continue to be ticketed each day for 3 consecutive days. All booted vehicle fees must be paid for by cash or credit card only. Any vehicle that has a boot on it after the third day will be towed, at the owner’s expense. 

      After the first immobilization there will be an additional accumulating $50.00 charge per offense:
              First Offense:        Fines plus $100 Immobilization Fee
              Second Offense:    Fines plus $150 Immobilization Fee
              Third Offense:       Fines plus $200 Immobilization Fee and vehicle towed.

      After the third immobilization, the vehicle will be towed. Once the vehicle is towed, the owner must pay all fines and immobilization fees in addition to the cost of towing the vehicle and the vehicle storage costs. Payments for the violation fines and immobilization fees must be made to Carnegie Mellon Parking & Transportation Services. Payments to get a vehicle out of the pound must be made to the towing company (Craig’s Towing @ 412.681.7007).
    15. Repeat Offenders: Any vehicle that is considerd a repeat offender is subject to be towed at the owners expense. Payments to get a vehicle out of the pound must be made to the towing company (Craig’s Towing @ 412.681.7007).
    16. Stored Vehicle Policy: Parking Security Officers will take a Vehicle Inventory of all garages on a daily basis on or about 5:00 A.M. All non-lease holders must exit the East Campus Garage prior to 5:00AM. Overnight parking is only available for lease holders. Any car parked in the garage overnight that does not have a lease will be treated the same as a stored vehicle. The Parking Garage Supervisor will review Vehicle Inventory Report each day. Any vehicles stored in the garages will be subject to the following:
    • Any vehicle stored (2) consecutive days without a valid permit will receive a ticket;
    • Any vehicle stored more than (3) consecutive days will receive a second ticketed and booted;
    • Any vehicle in excess of (5) consecutive days will be issued a third ticket and towed (at owner's expense)