Academics-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University


There are a few academic considerations that must be addressed while abroad:

Follow-up SATC Form

Students must often make changes to their coursework abroad due to cancelled classes or time conflicts. Because this happens so frequently, OIE has developed a simple procedure for gaining new course approvals abroad. Students who have made changes to their course registration abroad should use the Follow-up SATC Form to update their courses with their academic advisors.

Please complete all categories, including URLs for specific courses. Once this is completed WITH signature approvals, make sure to email this new form to

Course Registration for the Return Semester

Students currently abroad who plan to return to Carnegie Mellon must register for courses while abroad. This can be done online during the designated time. Students who do not have regular internet access may request that their academic advisor register for them. Be sure to gain approval for all courses and discuss registration with all academic advisors before going abroad.