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Resources for Third Party Providers

Greetings, and thanks for your interest in Carnegie Mellon University.  Each year between 350 - 400 Carnegie Mellon students go abroad.  Our students are bright and focused, and in fact, 70% of Carnegie Mellon students study abroad for credit in a major, 30% for credit in their minor, and 50% for credit towards their general education requirements.   13% of our students who study abroad are international students themselves.

Our Provider Information (.pdf) explains how study abroad is structured at Carnegie Mellon.  We provide this information so that you understand better how to advise Carnegie Mellon students. 

We value our partnerships and relationships with responsible, professional study abroad provider representatives.    In addition to stocking a Study Abroad Library with general information and program brochures, we welcome providers to make a professional visit and/or contact us to arrange for tabling on campus or for attendance of our annual Study Abroad Fair.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support of our students and study abroad program at Carnegie Mellon.   We look forward to working with you.