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Overview of Study Abroad

Each year 350-375 Carnegie Mellon students from all majors go abroad for study, work, internship or research.    About 70% of students study abroad for credit in a major, 30% for credit in their minor, and 50% for credit towards their general education requirements.   

Parents play an important, although varied, role in the study abroad process.  Half of Carnegie Mellon students who go abroad suggest that their “family members or friends” provided them with information during their study abroad research. 

Students may begin to investigate study abroad as early as their first year.  To begin, students will attend an OIE information program, schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor, visit the Study Abroad Library and use web-based search engines to understand the wide array of opportunities. 

CMU students may study, work or research abroad using one of many types of established programs: established exchange partnerships with overseas universities, pre-approved “sponsored” study abroad programs, and “external” study abroad providers and universities.  The University has an inclusive approach that allows for students from all majors and with varied financial resources to study abroad. 

To learn more about study abroad, peruse our comprehensive website, talk to your son or daughter, and feel free to speak with a study abroad advisor by calling 412/268-5231 or emailing goabroad@andrew.cmu.edu.