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Impact of Study Abroad

Research shows that study abroad impacts students in several important arenas including academic, personal, professional and cross cultural realms.    Many students comment that study abroad was the best, most-memorable, or most rewarding time of their college years.  Some of the reasons are tangible and some less so, but overseas study, work, volunteer and research experiences impact Carnegie Mellon students in substantial ways.   

SIT Study Abroad, astudy abroad provider, offers advice to parents and family members.  Their websites include information about what happens when study abroad students return to their familiar environments and experience “reverse culture shock” sometimes very unexpectedly! 

Of course, each student will experience study abroad differently depending on a variety of factors. OIE Advisors assist students to anticipate, process, and maximize the impacts of their study abroad experiences.  Parents who have questions about the value and implications of study abroad may contact Chris Menand.