Julia Kramkova-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Julia Kramkova

"It's nice to live in a city where people want to come and visit, where there are constantly things going on... I felt part of something cool... something world known."

Meet Julia Kramkova...

Julia grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and decided to attend Carnegie Mellon to study Business Administration.  Wanting to get out of the "Pittsburgh bubble," Julia took the opportunity to study abroad at University College London in the fall of 2008. Her experience abroad has had a lasting impression.

Before She Went

Julia felt that it was important to not have many expectations for studying abroad because she wanted to simply see where the experience would take her.  She knew that studying abroad would give her the chance to experience college in a different way.   

Arrival to London

When she first arrived, Julia found herself observing the behavior of the people around her.  She noticed that Americans seemed to act differently than they act in the United States.  Julia observed that some Americans wanted to break out of the stereotype and others simply accepted and embraced the stereotype. 

Living in London

At University College London Julia got involved with the volleyball team, which helped her transition into life in London.  Through this experience she made a lot of friends.  While abroad, Julia found herself doing a lot of the "touristy" things.  She traveled for a weekend in Scotland, went to a couple museums, attended a broadway show and an opera.  Julia recalls Christmas in London as a very exciting and eventful holiday.  She recognizes that her time in London influenced her style of clothing, as she now tries to dress up more so than she did before studying abroad.

Being in London helped Julia recognize that she truly is a city person.  She enjoyed always having something to do in London.  She and her friends often found themselves exploring the city and discovering new aspects of it.  Julia recognizes that she learned a lot about London, going beyond just the popular tourist attractions.

Looking Back on Her Experience...

Julia says that study abroad has allowed her to be "more comfortable in her own skin."  She sees herself as being less stressed and more relaxed.  Julia feels that studying abroad has helped her to become independent and increased her ability to adapt to any kind of situation.

Julia misses the diversity of London and being one of the many international students.  She misses being in such a great city, where there are many activities and events taking place.  Being abroad made Julia feel as if she were part of something much bigger. 

To those who are planning on going abroad, Julia feels that it is important to do research in order to find a university and location that fits.   While abroad, Julia hopes that students will simply let go and enjoy, explore, and discover.

Julia Kramkova

Julia Kramkova
Business Administration
London, United Kingdom
Fall 2008