Communication-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University


By Telephone

Call around to find the best phone card deals. Expect to pay a modest monthly fee, and then per minute rates that are usually under $1 a minute.

Some new U.S. phones will work abroad. Call Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint to find out more. Or, consider renting or purchasing a cell phone abroad.

Here are a few services for phone cards, cell phones, and/or other services to make calling home more affordable:

Remember, friends and family back home will be in a different time zone.

By E-mail

Most of the world is now connected to the internet and communication by email is possible in all but the most remote of locations.

Internet cafés are prevalent in many parts of the world and offer cheap internet access. Remember that identity theft can easily occur when using a public computer. Consider downloading a security program such as Spybot onto a USB drive and plugging it in before accessing online bank statements or other sensitive information.

WIFI is another way to access the internet abroad. Many restaurants and cafés have wireless internet access within their shops—for paying customers only.