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Dietary Needs Abroad

Students with food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, picky eaters, students with religious dietary restrictions and those prone to eating disorders should take special care to ensure that their dietary needs will be met while abroad. Many countries do not label food containing nuts or understand the concept of vegetarianism.

Eating disorders can be heightened while abroad due to unfamiliar foods and an unfamiliar setting. Students who have eating disorders are urged to consult a physician before studying abroad and have a plan for staying healthy while abroad. Consider packing power bars or other lightweight, nutritious food.

Students living with a host family should inform the program provider of their dietary requirements. They can work with students to find suitable living arrangements. Host families are typically willing to accommodate a student’s request, but they must be informed of the requirements. Be specific!

For more information on where to find vegetarian or vegan dishes abroad see our Additional Resources handout.