Health & Safety-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Health & Safety

The Office of International Education wants everyone to have a happy, healthy and safe study abroad experience, and the staff will provide students with useful information regarding health and safety abroad. The Pre-departure Orientation, which is a required session for all students going abroad, will provide much of this necessary information. At Pre-departure students will receive a hardcopy of the Study Abroad Handbook and will be presented with health and safety information by the Study Abroad staff.

The OIE staff believes that the primary responsibility for a student’s safety abroad lies with the individual student. Students should get informed about the health and safety concerns in their host country by asking the right questions and consulting a variety of resources. Based on this information students should prepare diligently for their time abroad and communicate any health and safety concerns to their program provider, the Office of International Education and/or any other resources recommended in the handbook or the Study Abroad website. Lastly, we expect all students to act responsibly, and remember that they are ambassadors of Carnegie Mellon and the United States.

The Health and Safety section of the Study Abroad website includes information on: Health Insurance, Physical Wellbeing, Mental Health, Dietary Needs, Alcohol & Drugs, Sexual Activity & Assault, and Street Smarts.