Visa Requirements-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Visa Requirements

Below is a short list of embassy websites for students to utilize in applying for their student visa.  Things to take into consideration:

  • Most countries do require a student visa.  The length of study, as well as the course of study, and what a student will be participating in (volunteer activities, internships, research, etc...), will factor into the visa process.
  • As each student has their own itinerary and course schedule, it is the student's own responsibility to make sure they apply for and receive the correct visa for their time abroad.
  • Visa requirements can change at any time.  Students must continually check the embassy's websites for current information regarding recent visa policy changes.
  • Information provided on these sites below may be applicable only for United States passport holders.  Make sure to verify the needs for your particular country of citizenship.
  • If a letter of support (.pdf) (verifying payment and ensuring that the student will return to the U.S. to complete their degree) is needed, please contact a study abroad advisor.
  • Visit for a general listing of consulates and embassies.