In 2006, the lab established the Design Decisions Wiki, intended for researchers, educators, students and practitioners to serve as a central resource and community portal for sharing information about design and tools to analyze and support decision-making. Visitors are encouraged to contribute to adding and editing content, especially to share information about their research group and research topics about which they have expertise. DDWiki is actively used in graduate and undergraduate courses as well as by researchers in the general community.

DDWiki is intended to serve as a central information resource similar to Wikipedia; however, because DDWiki has a specific focus, entries can be made with content specific to the needs and interests of our community. For example, information on relevant theories, methods, people, research groups, organizations, conferences, journals, publications, textbooks, courses, job postings, news and events, new research results, data, algorithms and community debates can be included. All users who feel that their work is relevant to design and/or decision-making are encouraged to contribute to and use the site.


Last Updated: January 11